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This is a public forum for discussing Mind-Matter Interaction (MMI) ideas, theory, technology and related topics. Conversations range from personal experiences and general interest to everything needed to develop real world applications based on MMI.

This forum is free and welcome to all with a genuine interest and from any background.

What is MMI?

It is the idea that focused mental intention can affect physical events at a distance. MMI also refers to the study and development of theories and technology based on an influence of mind over material events.

A fundamental component of MMI work is the hardware generator meant to respond to an influence of mind. This is sometimes called a random event generator (REG) or random number generator (RNG).

Mind-Matter Interaction can refer to a broad range of experimental designs, such as affecting the roll of dice by mental intention or the interference pattern in a dual-slit optical experiment. Micro PK is the alteration of probabilities in measurements at the molecular or atomic level by mental intention. This usually refers to influencing the production of ones or zeros when an entropy source is sampled to produce random bits. MMI based on hardware random number generation is a primary focus because devices are relatively easy to reproduce and use in a wide variety of experiments and applications.

Who is involved?

Scott Wilber, owner/founder of Core Invention and Quantum World Corporation dba Comscire is one of the leading researchers in the field of MMI and is one of the founders of this forum where he answers questions, discusses ideas and shares his wealth of knowledge and experience from three decades of research and development.

Members on this forum come from a range of backgrounds including but not limited to software engineers, quantum physicists, artists, philosophers, spiritually minded people and really just anybody interested in phenomena unexplained by current scientific frameworks like MMI.

Research applying scientific methods in the field of MMI, and more broadly psi phenomena covering things like remote viewing and out of body experiences, has been going on for over 50 years all over the world by individuals, private institutes, university departments and other research organizations.

Some of the well known places are the Princeton University's PEAR Lab, IONS, Evanlab, Randonauts, University of Virginia's Division of Perceptual Studies, The Windbridge Institute, The HeartMath Institute, Mossbridge Institute and Monroe Institute.
*This forum is not affiliated with these organizations but do sometimes refer to the material they have published over the years and correspond with some of the people involved.

Covering a Wide Range of Topics

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